About Us


Dedicated to delivering our customers peace of mind, iRenic Solutions is a passionately driven solutions provider.  We connect our unique products to our customers through engineering focused sales professionals, supporting our customers with robust supply from our world class factories and distributor partners. In fact, we have built our name around that dedication, iRenic Solutions, which when combined with the technical expertise to execute solutions for our customers means “Engineering Peace of Mind.” Simply put, no worries for our customers is our goal, and making it happen is our pleasure.

Design and development alongside our customer’s engineering teams is our norm, and their request for new solutions continues to expand our product lines. We appreciate these challenges and the opportunity to help with custom solutions for our customer’s most unique challenges or an off-the-shelf quick fit.

Engineering support and discussion between our manufacturing facility’s engineering teams and our customers is always encouraged. As a technical sales team, with a background in mechanical engineering design and Lean Manufacturing, we are focused on supporting our customer’s need for unique solutions and have the tools and experience available to act quickly through the design and development process.

The team approach has been supplying high quality product out of our factories for over 30 years, and we are always seeking new solid partners to deliver success to our customers. We appreciate the opportunity to work closely with our customers to seek out new quality solutions when our customers require sourcing support or supplier consolidation to improve their supply base and simplify. We manage multiple suppliers so our customers don’t have to.

New technologies we have developed and continue to strive towards have been paramount to the success of our customers. Our cutting edge factories around the world along with our newest U.S. factory on line in 2013 with the highest quality people and new state of the art production equipment are prepared to deliver our product and peace of mind on time!

The driving values behind what we do is our founder’s faith in God and desire to use truth, with the Bible as our guide, for both family and business direction. Although integrity is at the forefront of all that we do, there is always room for improvement. We are confident that you will find us willing to do so, and encourage you to research our reputation in the marketplace and more importantly find out for yourself!